About My Work   Making pottery has always been a deeply satisfying endeavor for me because it merges functionality and aesthetics, challenging me to create something at the same time utilitarian and beautiful. I love food – the preparing and the eating of it  and I find that handmade ceramics make these daily acts more meaningful and joyful.

My work is a mixture of wheel-thrown and hand-built pieces made primarily with stoneware and fired to cone 6, although I have also dabbled with porcelain slip-casting, raku, and wood firing. My style evolves the more I learn about the world of clay, and I love to explore new techniques, playing with texture, color, and form. 

About Me   Originally from Massachusetts, I graduated from Brown University with a BA in Education Studies. I currently make work at the Potter's Shop and School in Needham, MA. Previously, I was a resident artist at Cub Creek Foundation in Appomattox, Virginia, and at the Steel Yard in Providence, Rhode Island. 


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